Dr. Gary A. Love, Chiropractor
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Auto Accidents



We understand the stress of automobile accidents.  You are in pain.  Your car is damaged or not working.  You can’t return to work or you feel forced to work even though you are hurting.  Your friends are giving you all kinds of different advice but you are not sure what course to take.

Dr. Love and staff have treated hundreds of accident patients over the last 34 years.  We have taken many hours of additional training in managing every aspect of these injuries from treatment through the special documentation requirements that attorneys and insurance adjusters require.

At our clinic we are able to diagnose and treat your injuries in a modern, fully equipped office including:
  • Digital range of motion analysis
  • Digital strength analysis
  • Digital algometry (pain sensitivity) analysis
  • Industry Standard  Subjective Disability Analysis
  • Physiotherapy including ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, cervical and lumbar traction, massage chairs.
  • Acupuncture
  • Therapeutic Laser therapy (Cold Laser Therapy)
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Nutritional support
  • And, of course, GENTLE chiropractic care.  Dr. Love is well versed in both traditional and low force techniques.
Naturally, Dr. Love will be happy to work with your family physician and attorney or, at your request; he will refer you to an appropriate medical or legal specialist.